Chen Lev

Chen Lev is a co founder, and the CEO of Storyball, a screen less motion console that makes children leave the screen, move and play.
Chen started his first business at the age of fourteen, as a magician at children’s birthday parties. From a small, childish hobby, Chen became one of Israel’s top magicians for kids, including: tutoring and guiding other entertainers for kids, creating a popular YouTube channel, establishing a creativity work shop for managers (that explain the fixations of the mind through magic) and creating the only program in Israel that teaches how to become an entertainer for kids.
Before establishing his own startup, Chen worked as an intern in the Central District Attorney Office of Israel and as the field manager for Michal Oren’s 2015 elections campaign.
Chen holds an LLM & LLB from the Bar Ilan University, has years of experience of performing in front of crowds and is a children’s entertainment expert.