Boaz Shunami

Mr. Shunami is the managing director of CYFORT LTD and is one of the leading experts in the fields of Cyber and Application Security.

Having 2 decades of experience in the Information Security and Hi-Tech industries, specializing in Application Security and Cyber security, Boaz’s experience is diverse with a range of positions from Senior Management Positions in leading companies such as RSA Security and Comsec Consulting through to high positioned development roles in various companies such as ECI and several startups and entrepreneurs. Throughout the years, Boaz led and managed many projects in Europe and Israel and has a very keen understanding of the Banking, Insurance and Hi-Tech verticals.

Boaz earned a Master’s Degree in Neurosciences (Psycho-Biology) and a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Computer Sciences and Business from TAU (Tel-Aviv University). Boaz also owns an information security consulting company that supports the development and assists in Demo customers for CYFORT’s products.