Asnat Bitterman

Asnat is married to Haim. Mother of Mor, Rachely & Roni.

In 1985 co-founded “Lord-Sandwich” with Haim.

Today the company is leading the field of “fresh food3 on the go” in Israel.

Over the years she has worked in different positions from production worker, throw sales, QC, R&D and business development.

Studding is an important part of her life. Asnat have received B.A in Political Science & Sociology from Tel Aviv University, M.A in Hebrew Literature from Bar Ilan University and M.B.A from Heriot-Watt University.

Currently she is taking classes in Cinema, sustainability and other topics related and unrelated to our business.

In her role as head of R&D, she developed different solutions to our clients including packed sandwiches that can be heated on airplanes, a patent for flavor layers in sandwiches and a five-day shelf life Muesli cup.

4 years ago, she came up with a new concept for GF functional food bread replacement. With support of the Israeli Innovation Institute, we developed a high nutrient GF wrap. The product is been produce in a dedicated facility that she is the CEO of.

Asnat guideline- is that the seed of a happy life lies in our food.