Amir Zilberberg

Bio:On 2012, Amir and his wife Alona founded Wise-Lab with the mission to streamline lab procedures of research and medical lab practitioners. Wise-Lab realizes practical inventions to improve work effectiveness, save time and money while avoiding frustration related to day to day lab activities. Wise-Lab came out with state of the art innovative solutions for research and medical laboratories that we bring to the market through our worldwide business partners. Amir brings to Wise-lab the “know how” and his wife Alona (Ph.D in Molecular Biology) brings the ”know what”. The fascinating synergy between an experienced biological researcher and a savvy business person generated the idea to establish Wise-Lab, a breakthrough start-up specialized on developing innovative lab solutions. Actually, Wise-Lab is a dream comes true by this combination. Today, Wise-Lab is proud to present our 3 innovative lab solutions (Wise-Tip, Wise-Slips and Wise-Fuge). All our products are Patent pending and post their R&D stage. Prior to Wise-lab, Amir managed the business of Toshiba computers in Israel and worked 12 years at Microsoft corporation in Israel. During his Job, Amir gained a vast experience of business strategy, business development, building partners and channels, Marketing execution and sales management. Amir Holds a Post MBA degree from Tel Aviv University, MBA from Ben-Gurion University and a BA of Marketing and Finance (with distinction) from The college of Management. Amir serves in a reserve unit as a captain and served in the regular army service in one of the intelligence unit at IDF. Amir, 43 years old, married to Alona and father of Eli, Liri and Yuli, lives in Tel Aviv.