Aki Eldar

Aki Eldar is the CEO and the Founder of Secure Islands Technologies Ltd. -Secure Islands is innovative Information protection and control vendor supplying orchestration of classification and protection (Information Rights Management) processes to unstructured data for the borderless enterprises.

Since the end of 2006 and after a successful capital raising Aki is responsible for leading Secure Islands’ towards success. In the last few years Aki led Secure Islands’ significant growth, its deals with Fortune 500 companies and its partnerships with one of the biggest ITC companies in the world. Aki Eldar has more than 22 years of management, sales and business development experience in communications, security, and software. Until 2006 and prior to founding Secure Islands, Aki was VP Sales and head of a Business Unit at Bynet Data Communication, where he was responsible for developing annual sales in excess of $50 million.

During his tenure at Bynet Data Communication, Aki successfully developed and applied new business strategies that significantly enhanced the company’s leading role in the local and the global market including opening overseas office and wining high profile international tenders. Prior to joining Bynet, Aki worked for the Israeli government in the field of national security initiatives.