Adi Naali, Ph.D.

Dr. Adi Naali is the CEO and Cofounder of SustainIO

It is estimated that 40% of the food produced in the world is wasted after it has been purchased. SustainIO aims to change this behavior by introducing and enabling “Precision nutrition”.

SustainIO develops a cloud based application which will analyze volatile molecules produces as food ages. The data will be analyzed and translated using deep learning to provide users with true values of their food quality, and allow traders and consumers to manage and optimize their food consumption.

Adi holds PhD degree in Sustainability from the University of Haifa in collaboration with Colorado State University, and BSc. and MSc from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His background allowed him to promote innovation and implementation of solutions to increase sustainability. In recent years, he serves as the CEO of the Israeli Olive Oil Council, where he leads the local industry in improving their product quality. Under his leadership, the demand for olive oil has increased, accompanied with higher revenues for growers and producers. Adi leads the combat against fraud in the olive oil industry and import, and initiated the branding of the Israeli Seal of Quality for oils. He is a member at SII (The Standards Institution of Israel) food standardization committees and Israel’s delegate to the International Olive Oil Council – IOC. Previously, Adi served as a District Ranger at the Israeli Forest Service, been in charge of significant areas, professional workers and contractors, where he gained experience in project management.