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Larry Wilk

Larry Wilk

Class Overview

This module will prepare you to plan and engage with U.S corporations, as customers, partners and/or competitors. How should you adapt your business model for the U.S. market? How can you leverage corporate innovation models to speed development and adoption? Why do companies want/need to work with start-ups? What benefits and challenges are there? What are the various corporate engagement models with start-ups? How is it different to launch with a corporate partner? What are different revenue/sales generation models? How can you distribute your products & services? We will use various frameworks and tools to answer these questions.

Working with U.S. Corporations Model Curriculum:

  1. Business Models Design
    1. Types of new business models
    2. Documenting using “Business Model Canvas”
    3. Adapting your Business Model for U.S. market
  1. Organization Innovation Models
    1. Internal Division
    2. Dedicated R&D
    3. Outsource / Acquisition
    4. Partnerships – Companies & Individuals
  1. Corporation & Start-Up Partnerships
    1. Critical success factors
    2. Challenges & barriers
  1. Corporate Engagement Models
    1. Hackathons
    2. Corporate Incubators & Accelerators
    3. Corporate Venture Capital
  1. Launching & growing with a Corporate partner
    1. Organization
    2. Operation
    3. Control
    4. Growth
  1. Revenue, Sales & Distribution
    1. Direct sales
    2. Distributors, agents and integrators
    3. Licensing

To apply the above concepts, we will use the case “Google & Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in Silicon Valley (A)”. Please read the case beforehand and answer questions 1,2,3 and 5 included in the case. For the last part of question 5, please use your expected location.