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Marc D. Kirshbaum

Marc D. Kirshbaum

Business Leader

Class Overview

Having a strategy for communicating effectively will create increased financial value, momentum and buzz that will make a difference in whether your business achieves its goals — goals that presumably focus on making a meaningful, positive impact on the medical community, return on investment for shareholders and a sense of satisfaction for employees.

It’s a given that a great product is necessary to create the foundation of what can be a great business, and this session assumes that you have a great product. We will focus instead on the key elements of developing and utilizing a strategy to communicate effectively — both the content and the delivery, as well as the timing and audience.

Building upon earlier sessions, we will examine how to effectively communicate across different mediums, from written documents such as your executive summary and presentations to face-to-face meetings. We will also look at how communication varies depending upon the target audience and objective, always realizing and remembering that all that matters is what your audience hears and remembers.