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Jaap L. Laufer

Jaap L. Laufer

Vice President

Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, EMERGO GROUP

Class Overview

This Module will cover the main aspects of the life-cycle of medical technology products, including patent protection, design and development, manufacture and distribution, market approval or registration, and reimbursement and pricing attributes, all of it in conjunction with the clinical data available and generated to support product indications, or intended use and claims. In addition, exit strategies for start-ups and their implications for the above subjects will be broached.

The aim of the presentation is to focus on the few single most important factors that determine the success or failure of a novel medical or drug-device combination product in the US and Europe, as well as other major jurisdictions. Dr. Laufer intends this to be an interactive session. Therefore, the presentation will allow the audience to interject and to pose questions, preferably of general character. Afterwards the speaker will be happy to expand on questions that may be specific to any particular company or participant.

Pre-Readings -
Do it by Design, FDA Guidance (CE-marking process, combination and borderline products)

Drug Device Borderline Products -

Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal products (ATMP) – &

Drug Eluting Stents (example of EMA guidance for Combination Products) -