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iSilla a revolutionary first therapeutic smart seating solution for people with movement disability.

Efrat Shenhod is an Occupational Therapists working for more than 20 years as a specialist in wheelchairs and seating adaptation, over the years Efrat saw that regardless of the treatments or the equipment that she gave to these children and adult their condition keeps to deteriorating they suffer from hip dislocation, scoliosis and other orthopedic conditions, most of these children and adults undergo extensive and highly expensive orthopedic and neurologic procedures. Most of the time they are very painful and their quality of life is low.

Instead of doing more of the same Efrat came up with innovative concept - a new chair that adds movement, makes the seater active and can influences on the health of this children and people.

The iSilla is addressing 3.3M people in the USA alone and 8M people with movement limitation in the developed western world.

iSilla is a smart therapeutic seating solution that uses 6 degrees of postural freedom to enable autonomous shift of the user’s posture. The learning system collects data on the user and from big data, integrate the data and recommend on the changes need to be done. This substantially mitigates the harmful symptoms of movement disability. Only 33% of the patients developed dislocated hips with 3 posture changes.

The Isilla will improve the quality of life of people with physical disability, will help in the prevention of pressure sore, and will reduce the need of changing postures by caregivers.